Eyes Wide Shut 25-26 sept 2020

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Location: Porcheresse – The Ardennes (Belgium)

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One of the most subtle and erotic secrets of mankind is the understanding of the true desires of a woman. How do you unravel the real meaning of a woman’ “Don’t Touch me”? Does it really mean that she does not want to be touched?

Or does a woman rather give a hint not to give up and go a little further to conquer her for a lovely erotic game? Does this apply to every man, or just the one she has set her sights on?
Women determine the rules, but it is men that play the game. Who will win the game, the woman or the man?

It is exactly that secret that is the central theme for the Gala Eyes Wide Shut “Ne me touch pas!”

Women in elegant attire, royal, aloof, dazzling jewels and tiaras, their beautiful bodies wrapped in silk and lace. Just not too concealing but stimulating the imagination.
An eye-contact from behind a mystical Venetian mask, short, but just long enough to spark a man’s fantasy. The beautiful lips that gently curl into a slightly playful smile, not visible to everyone.

The art of seducing and being seduced. Can these queens be conquered, and by whom?


The castle in the Ardennes, sublime decors with continuous rooms and high gold leaf ceilings that provide the spacious feeling.
A magnificent finish with “dark” elements provide the finishing touch.

An overnight stay at the castle or Hotel with breakfast buffet near the castle can be booked.
There are a limited number of bedrooms.

Of course, you can count on our cooperation. At the bottom, some options have already been indicated.

Eyes wide Shut: Don’t touch me

Mysterious atmosphere
Stylish Evening

The theme and decadence of the party flow seamlessly into an environment of the building, all necessary attributes are present: atmospheric, fairy-like lighting and the selected music enhance the mysterious atmosphere.
It will be an atmospheric and sensual dark evening; this description may be taken broadly.

Here too there are possibilities where our guests can disconnect from the worldly and discover each other sensually in a luxurious environment. Lounge chairs and sophisticated sofas with luxurious cushions with cozy seating areas that offer a view of a lucid spectacle … Voyeurism, looking and being watched is of course allowed, although active participation is highly appreciated but not obliged.

Surprise elements and assignments

During this evening, a surprising and exclusive evening and dessert buffet will be presented. All drinks are included: Champagne, white and red wine, soft drinks …

Furthermore, there are surprise elements and assignments in which one can participate on a voluntary basis.
The guests elect a couple as Lady of Honor” of the evening. The Master of Ceremonies guides the guests through this stunning night.

In the morning, a “Gourmandise Buffet” waits for those staying at the Hotel.

Guests are expected to behave with respect and good manners, voyeurism is allowed, active participation in a successful evening is appreciated.


Reservation guidelines:

    You register for the event by using the booking pages, see above. (Payment is available for Visa, Mastercard, bank contact and Ideal)
    After payment is received, your participation is final and you regularly receive updates to information that is reserved for guests only.

    The all-in cost includes standard the attendance to the evening party, drinks and surprise buffet. The overnight stay and breakfast buffet, taxi and afterparty for those who have booked these options.


The entire dress code is part of the obligations to participate in the party. The organization reserves the right to refuse invitees who do not comply. If in doubt, please inform in advance by email.


Arrival in cocktail dress, evening dress or equivalent, a beautiful Venetian eye mask, high heels – changing in lingerie later in the evening is possible if desired.

Since anonymity and discretion are an important aspect, wearing eye masks is mandatory all evening.


Black tuxedo with bow tie or black nice suit with white shirt and bow tie or tie, beautiful Venetian eye mask and adapted nicely polished black shoes.

A matching black vest to not have to wear a suit vest all evening is certainly allowed.

Since anonymity and discretion are an important aspect, wearing eye masks is mandatory all evening.


A few guests can stay at the castle.
Most of the time, guests stay at a beautiful luxury Ardennes-style hotel, a few kilometers from the castle.
For those who want to drink an extra glass, it is best to book a taxi service to and from the hotel.


Based on a lot of positive feedback from all the Gala evenings, our members have expressed their appreciation of limiting the number of attendees to a pleasant number, in which networking is optimal and everyone can enjoy everything to the fullest.

It is this feedback that we use in our Gala evenings as from 2020. We would like to thank our members for giving these useful comments.


There are some rules associated with your participation:
– If one follows the general rules of propriety and etiquette, nothing can go wrong.
– Dress code is required.
– The eye masks are worn all evening.
– Guests are expected to behave respectfully and well-mannered, voyeurism is permitted, active participation in a successful evening is appreciated, but not mandatory.
– Excessive alcohol consumption is not tolerated.
– The use or trading of drugs is of course not allowed.

The gala evening is scheduled for Friday, September 25 or Saturday, September 26, 2020 and starts at 21:00h sharp, you are expected as from 20:00h for registration, greeting and a welcome drink. The doors are closed for entering at 21:00h.

The Eyes-wide-shut gala balls take place in the castle with its typical elements and organization, here too the guests are expected to enjoy it in a respectful way.
If the house rules are not observed, the organization has the right to have the invitees leave the domain with urgency.

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